Virgil Wind, Becky Clitso-Garcia Running for Onamia School Board


Incumbent Onamia School Board member Virgil Wind will be joined on the ballot by Becky Clitso-Garcia, a member of the Navajo Nation and the District I community.

Since first being appointed to fill an open seat, Virgil has won reelection to the board and has served as chair in recent years.
”As the Onamia Public School chairman, I have learned valuable lessons on leadership,” said Virgil. ”One of the most important aspects of this work has been empowering people and bridging communities, something I hold in high regard.”

Virgil was also elected August 18 to serve as District I Representative in the Mille Lacs Band’s tribal government. (See page 1.)
Becky Clitso-Garcia is running for school board for the first time. Becky is originally from Kayenta, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation, but she has lived and worked in the Mille Lacs area for 14 years. She is currently an Education Specialist/Coach for Mille Lacs Early Education.

”I feel I am a good candidate for the school board at Onamia Public Schools because I want to serve our Native community and be part of the decision-making process on how to best prepare our children for their adult lives,” said Becky. ”I want our public schools to be successful for our youth, and I want parents to feel confident that our local district is providing the best education and opportunities for their children.”

For more on Becky’s background and her reasons for running, see