Band Assembly Weekly Update, October 5-9


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On Monday, October 5, and Tuesday, October 6, Band Assembly Members attended a presentation the Executive Branch held by Mr. Jay Kanassatega. Mr. Kanassatega presented on the foundation of the Mille Lacs Band’s three-branch system of government and the development of the Band’s legal codes. Throughout the presentation, Mr. Kanassatega offered analysis on various legal issues facing the Mille Lacs Band and identified Band legal codes that needed revision. Mr. Kanassatega also discussed federal laws that affect tribes, such as the Indian Reorganization Act and Public Law 280.

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020: Band Assembly occurred through conference call and Zoom.

After approving the agenda, Band Assembly heard a preliminary financial report by Mel Towle, Commissioner of Finance.

Band Assembly Bill 19-02-01-21: A Bill amending the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Child Support Code, was approved with a waiver of the formal reading. The bill is currently chaptered within Mille Lacs Band Statutes as Title 8 Chapter 12, to establish more equitable child support orders and to improve procedures of both the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Court of Central Jurisdiction and Child Support Enforcement Program. For purposes of this Bill, underlined text indicates language that has been added to the statute; stricken text indicates language that is intended to be removed and repealed from the statute. Sponsor: District III Representative.

Resolution 19-02-01-21: A Resolution to Modify Resolution 06-04-148-95 Which Authorized a Land Lease for Residential Purposes to the Mille Lacs Band Housing Department was approved with a waiver of the formal reading.

Resolutions authorizing land leases for residential purposes to Mille Lacs Band members were approved with a waiver of the formal reading.

The Child Protection Subcommittee met for the fourth time. The subcommittee members had a good discussion on not mimicking state statutes, wellness court, subchapter 8, and guardianships. Each member was given the opportunity to comment on each item discussed. The members also gave their input on possible solutions and recommendations for each item discussed.

On Thursday, October 8, egislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Staff Attorney, Legislative Staff, and Chief Executive Legal and Policy Counsel. Work Session Agenda: Minutes Review and Revisor of Statutes Review.

The attendees went through Revisor of Statutes Draft line by line. Questions and comments were made during each section. Draft changes were made upon agreement of all involved while considerations of other parties affected or may be involved with the revisions.