Chief Executive Announces Warriorism Grants


At the 2019 State of the Band Address, Chief Executive Benjamin made the following statement:

“There are many new warriors who have come forward this past year. Band Members have been organizing in their Districts, holding meetings about their local concerns, even doing research and sharing information with other Band Members. Many times in the past, the Band government has tried to get community advisory councils off the ground in each district, but these never took hold for very long.

What is different with these new groups, is that just like Sober Squad -- these new groups were started by Band Members, not the Band government.

First Lady Michelle Obama wrote, 'Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?' All over, Band Members are getting busy in our community, as activists, working for the world we want and know we should have.

This year, small grants will be available to Band community groups, which they can use to support their work. Look for more information about these grants in the coming months, and Chi Miigwech to all our community activists!”

The Mille Lacs Band Warriorism Grant is the result of this commitment made at the 2019 State of the Band Address and is being funded by the Office of the Chief Executive. All Mille Lacs Band Members or groups of Band Members are eligible to apply for these small grants of up to $3000 to support community activism.

To be considered for a grant, all applicants must fill out this form in its entirety: New Warriorism Grant Application

Grant applications should be submitted to the Office of the Chief Executive. Ten (10) grants for up to $5000 may be awarded. Applications will be scored based on applicant’s ability to demonstrate that the Mille Lacs Band community in one or more Districts or the Urban Area will directly benefit from community activism supported by the grant project.