Aanjibimaadizing Moves to Former Clinic Building


Aanjibimaadizing has exciting news! We are moving to our District 1 office to the former Ne Ia Shing Clinic. Effective Monday October 26, 2020 our services can be accessed at 43500 Migizi Drive. Staff will continue to be available throughout this transition. We look forward to expanding our services and training opportunities with this new space.

Case Managers can be contacted at the numbers below. Contact Gladys Sam at 320-532-7407 to schedule an appointment. Contact Rose Wind at 320-532-7554 for Intake.

District 1 — Candace Benjamin-Director, 320-362-0014, candace.benjamin@millelacsband.com.
District 1 — Kaari Weyaus, 218-316-2437, kaari.weyaus@millelacsband.com.
District 2 — Winona Crazy Thunder, 320-364-3049, winona.crazythunder@millelacsband.com.
District 3 — Renee Allen, 320-591-0559, renee.allen@millelacsband.com.
Urban — Dawn Paro, 612-368-9417, dawn.paro@millelacsband.com.
Urban — Winona Spaulding, 612-360-7219, winona.spaulding@millelacsband.com.