Band Assembly Weekly Update, February 8-12


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After a pre-Band Assembly meeting on Tuesday, February 9, to discuss the agenda, Band Assembly met by conference call and Zoom on Wednesday, February 10.

After approval of the agenda, Band Assembly approved minutes from meetings that occurred between September 2 and October 14, 2020.

The following were approved:
Band Assembly Bill 19-03-24-21: A Bill of supplemental appropriation for Health & Human Services for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021. Sponsor: District I Representative. Bill was introduced, read, and approved.

Band Assembly Bill 19-03-25-21: A Bill amending Title 17 of the Mille Lacs Band Statutes (“MLBS”) for the purposes of establishing the Advisory Committee to the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Foundation. Sponsor: District II Representative. Bill was approved with a waiver of the formal reading.

Resolution 19-03-47-21: A Resolution Authorizing the Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures to Expend Funds from FY2021 Capital Budget for Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley IGT Bonusing and Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event Center Roof. Resolution was approved with a waiver of the formal reading.

Contract (Admin): A contract for Brothers Fire & Security to provide the installation of the following: new security system, outdoor cameras, swipe card access and updated alarm system for the District I AanjiBimaadizing offices. Contract end date is June 30, 2021. Contract was approved.

Contract (CMD): A contract for Flagship Recreation to provide labor and materials for the construction of a new playground at the Abinoojiiyag School. Contract end date is September 30. 2021. Contract was approved.

A Joint Session of the Band Assembly Meeting occurred through conference call and Zoom.

Joint Session records were approved from December 30, 2020, January 12, 2021, and February 3, 2021.

Briana Michels was approved as Department of Athletic Regulation Chairperson.

On Thursday, February 11, Legislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Staff Attorneys, Legislative Staff, Solicitor General, Senior Deputy Solicitor General, Commissioner of Corporate Affairs, and Mille Lacs Corporate Venture Counsel. On the agenda was a presentation on tribal business structure by Legislative Staff Attorney Joseph Jensen. The group also went through Rules of the Band Assembly Draft redline version with comments. The road map for Title 16 (Corporate) Statutory Revision plan was discussed.