Siblings Launch Podcast


Band member siblings Cole Premo and Leah Lemm were featured in Minnpost July 18 in an article about the July 16 launch of their new Native Lights Podcast. The show, a production of Minnesota Native News and the radio network Ampers, spotlights personal stories from Native American guests.

In the first episode, the hosts interview Leech Lake comedian Rob Fairbanks, known as the "Wiener Water Soup Man." Leah told reporter Tiffany Bui that she thought her father (District III Elder Bill Premo) was a professional comedian growing up because of his spot-on humor. "I'm always thankful when people share themselves with me," Leah said. "It's more than looking for a story or something entertaining, it's sitting down and visiting with people … drinking coffee, eating lunch. The story will come, but putting the person first is my goal."

Cole added, "I just think this is a podcast where you’re going to listen to stories and people in a more intimate way than you have before, and you can't get that anywhere else."

You can find the podcast at