Legislative Order establishes procedures for critical nominations


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On January 20, the Mille Lacs Band Assembly passed Legislative Order 31-21 establishing procedure for when the Band Assembly receives a critical nomination from the Chief Executive.

"Critical nominations" are defined as "any nomination by the Chief Executive for any Commissioner, Judge, Justice, Corporate Board Member, or the Solicitor General."

The order requires the Chief Executive to include a nomination letter, a copy of the nominee's resume, and the nominee's contact information, upon receipt of which the Parliamentarian will request a background check from the Solicitor General's office. Upon completion of the background check, the Parliamentarian will place the nomination on the Band Assembly agenda. (Background checks of Judges and Justices can run concurrently with the placement of the nominee on the agenda.)

The background checks must be completed within 14 days and paid for by the Solicitor General's office, the order states.