Forever In Grey


Alyssa Enno Mille Lacs Band Member

Four childhood friends who shared a love of music and a desire to have their own band brought Forever In Grey to life. Mille Lacs Band member Nick Shaw, who plays bass with the band, said, "Music has always been an influence for me. I listen to everything and can appreciate just about every genre. To be able to be in my own band, writing and performing music I enjoy, makes this all that much more special to me."

Forever in Grey ‚— often referred to as "F.I.G." by fans and supporters — is a metal band that came to be in 2013. The band name came about simply by the guys just throwing out ideas, and then "our drummer, Josh, said 'Forever in Grey' and it stuck with us," shared Nick.

While not intentional but a fitting and welcomed revelation, "the band name has kind of evolved into this meaning that nobody is just black and white, right or left, good or bad. Basically, we are just in the grey [area] of life," Nick explained.

The band is made up of five members: Nick Shaw, bass, Jace Burr, guitar, Jesse Waterhouse, vocals, Josh Cawelti, drums, and Adam Dee, vocals and guitar. While Adam is newer to the band, this group of guys have bonded over their love of music for more than half their lives. To be able to form a metal band with your friends who share the same goals and vision can be hard to come by. "We just want to make the music we like and have a good time,'' says Forever In Grey vocalist Jesse Waterhouse.

In just six short years, F.I.G. has released a debut EP (extended play record) and an album. The band is also signed to Twin Town Tyrant, a record label based in Minneapolis. Their first album, Wiisagendam, which means "he/she is in pain," is available to stream on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. "It's surreal to see our music available on popular platforms like this," Nick added. "It may seem small, but knowing your music is out there, it's exciting and really brings this full circle for us."

Forever In Grey has played at various metal fests with other metal bands throughout the Midwest. "We travel for shows no matter how big or small. If we can get in, we'll take the gig. We enjoy playing, and there's no better way to share our music than to do it at shows," says Nick.

Aside from the passion and the fun being in their own band brings, Nick Shaw and Jace Burr share how important it is for Natives to be represented and seen, especially in the music world: "It'd be nice to see Natives represented more in general and in our case, in metal. If we can have any impact on that, I want us to take advantage of it. I want us to be wherever we can be."

The guys have set up social media accounts on just about every platform available to spread their music, interact with fans and other metal bands, and to continue their momentum. Social media is one of the easiest ways to share what the band is working on, whether it's practice, getting ready for an upcoming show, or sharing new music. To follow or like F.I.G. on Facebook, go to