Band Assembly Weekly Update, March 1-5


Legislative hosted a Live Stream meeting on March 1 with the Secretary Treasurer, Legislative Staff, Granicus Staff, Red Circle Agency Staff, and MLB IT Staff. The meeting was held to discuss the plan for live streaming. There was discussion and questions on training, live streaming process, agendas, access for Band members, and the plan to move forward.

On Tuesday, March 2, Legislative hosted a Pre-Band Assembly meeting to discuss the agenda items, and on Wednesday, March 3, Band Assembly occurred through conference call and Zoom.

Band Assembly Records for February 10, 24, and 25, four foster care licenses, and two hardship requests were approved.

On Thursday, March 4, Legislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Revisor of Statutes, Staff Attorney, and Legislative Staff. On the agenda were Title 3 and Rules of the Band Assembly.

Staff Attorney Hanna Valento presented on a red-line version of Title 3 section by section with discussion, questions, and comments on various parts of the presentation.

Staff Attorney Joe Jensen presented on a draft red-line version of Rules of the Band Assembly section by section with changes from the last work session's revisions with discussion, questions, and comments on various parts of the presentation.

Prior to the meeting, the Rules of Band Assembly timeline was discussed with questions and comments. The road map for Title 16 (Corporate) Statutory Revision plan was discussed, along with the next working session agenda.

The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Special Tribal Executive Committee Meeting was held at Grand Casino Hinckley and on Zoom.