Report Informs Band Members of Government Action During Pandemic


At the State of the Band address in January, Band members received an extensive Annual Report detailing the activities and accomplishments of Executive Branch departments and programs during the previous year.

Given the dramatic changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chief Executive wanted Band members to receive an update on how the Executive Branch was making adjustments in response to the pandemic to keep up with their essential duty to provide services to Band members.

The result was a 52-page letter sent to Band members last month, with the updates from each department:

— Department of Administration, including the Tribal Emergency Response Committee, Aanjibimaadizing, Child Support Enforcement, Government Affairs, Human Resources, Information Systems, Self-Governance, Elder Supplemental, and the Urban Office;

— Community Development, including Housing, Home Loans, Renovation Loans, Project Management, and Public Works;

— Department of Natural Resources, including Agriculture, Cultural Resources, Enrollments, Environmental Programs, Land Management, and Resource Management;

— Department of Education, including Early Education, Nay Ah Shing Schools, Pine Grove Learning Center, and Higher Education;

— Health and Human Services, including the Clinic, Public Health, Pharmacy, Dental, Substance Use Disorders, Four Winds Lodge, Mental Health, Client Access, Finance, Quality and Compliance, Information Technology, Family Services, Elder Services, Family Violence Prevention, Food Programs, and Wraparound;

— Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures, including Grand Casinos, PPP loans, and Makwa Global;

— Mille Lacs Tribal Police;

— Office of the Solicitor General, including litigation updates, personnel updates, and COVID-19 updates.

If you are a Band member and didn’t receive the letter or would like a digital version, email