It's Time to Get Out the Native Vote!


You can vote early through November 2

Americans will head to the polls November 3 — and in many cases earlier — to cast ballots in one of the most crucial and hotly contested elections in decades. Native Americans make up 2 percent of the electorate nationwide — but that's enough to sway many local elections, including District I, where Band members Bradley Harrington and Virgil Wind are on the ballot. A strong turnout from the reservation can sway elections for State Legislature, U.S. Senate, and even President.

In addition to Virgil and Bradley, Becky Clitso-Garcia, a Band employee who is a member of the Dine (Navajo) Nation, is also seeking a seat on the Onamia School Board.

In District II, Band employee and Turtle Mountain Ojibwe member Gaylene Spolarich is running for State House against Dale Lueck.

A candidate for State House in District I, Cal Schmock, is a descendant of a Lac Courte Oreilles grandmother. He is running against Representative Sondra Erickson.

Our recent election guide featured Band member Bradley Harrington, who is running for Mille Lacs County Board. See

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There are over 4.7 million eligible Native voters. Increasing the participation of Native Americans in the voting process is one of the key means of reclaiming our power. If Native Americans can engage fully in the political system, we can reclaim power and participate in a way that is fair and just

How do I register? Online registration has ended, but you can register or update your registration when you vote, whether that is at your polling place on Election Day or at an early voting location. You will need proof of residence to register — a driver's license or tribal ID with current address. If your ID does not show your current name or address, you can bring a photo ID and a document with current name and address. Learn more at

How do I vote early? You can vote early at your county courthouse or possibly other locations, depending on where you live. In Mille Lacs County, early voting takes place at the courthouse in Milaca; In Aitkin County, the courthouse in Aitkin; and in Pine County, the courthouse in Pine City. You can see a list of early voting locations online at