Victims of Crime Program Offers Help


The Band's Family Violence Prevention Program offers a Victims of Crime Program providing advocacy for victims of arson, bullying, burglary, fraud, identity theft, cyber crime, child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse, assault, robber, kidnapping, missing persons, hate crimes, homicide, gang violence, mass violence, teen dating violence, and more.

Services provided include:

— Advocacy for all crime victims
— Referrals
— Direct Client Assistance
— Reparations Application Assistance
— Safety Planning
— Explanation and guidance of the criminal court process
— Assistance in understanding your rights as a crime victim

Contacts: VOC Advocate Cell: 320-362-0734; VOC Advocate Cell: 320-362-1416; VOC Program Coordinator Cell: 320-364-3568; Office: 320-532-7865; FVPP Administrator Cell: 320-630-2499; Office: 320-532-7793; Women’s Shelter320-495-3514; 24-hour Crisis Line:1-866-867-4006.

Everyone is currently working remotely, so please use the cell phone contact numbers at this time.