Staying Safe, Being Prepared in Summer Months


Toya Stewart Downey Staff Writer

While everyone loves the warm temperatures and long summer days, it’s also important to keep yourself and your family out of harm’s way, say safety experts.

At a recent meeting held in the urban area, the Band’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Monte Fronk, joined a Minneapolis fire fighter and a representative from the Nation- al Weather Service to share tips and answer questions about summer safety.

“We focused on summer preparedness,” said Monte, who also offered to teach first aid and CPR/AED classes in the ur- ban area for those who are interested.

Both cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) are used in emergencies for a person who might be in cardiac arrest.

Minneapolis fire fighter Cassidy Anderson discussed safety measures for outdoor cooking. He shared advice on where grills should be placed to avoid re dangers to homes. He also discussed where fire pits should be located to reduce injury and to keep homes safe.

Todd Krause, from the National Weather Service, addressed severe weather and shared the importance of adhering to the outdoor sirens if you hear them. He urged Band members to keep a weather radio inside their homes since the outdoor sirens can be difficult to hear.

Todd also talked about the difference between a severe weather warning and a severe weather watch. The decision, he said, is made by the weather service. He also provided tips on where to shelter if you’re not at home or don’t have a basement.

Monte reminded attendees about the free smoke alarm program that the Tribal Police Department offers for privately-owned Band member homes in all the Districts and urban area.

Band member Dawne Stewart said she was grateful for the program and that Monte was able to add the smoke detectors to her home.

“It was on my to-do list to get alarms for my house, but like other people, I procrastinated about getting it done,” said Dawne.
Alarms for hearing-impaired Band members who own their homes are also available. Monte also shared fire prevention and home preparedness information with attendees.