Band Assembly Weekly Update, February 22-26


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After a Pre-Band Assembly meeting on Tuesday, February 23, to discuss the agenda, Band Assembly met on Wednesday, February 24, through conference call and Zoom.

Band Assembly records from October 21, 2020, through February 3, 2021, were approved.

Michaa Aubid gave a report regarding re-establishment of a Bureau of Indian Education school in District II. Mr. Aubid presented the history, resolutions, treaty and summary of request. The presentation was completed with questions and comments.

Band Assembly approved the following:

— Band Assembly Bill 19-03-26-21: A Bill of supplemental appropriation for Administration, Community Development, and Health & Human Services for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2021. Sponsor: District III Representative.

— Resolution 19-03-49-21: A Resolution Authorizing a Land Lease for Residential Purposes to Mille Lacs Band Member 410B006088.

— A contract for R &R Septic to replace an onsite septic system for a band member home in District I through IHS funding. Contract end date is September 30, 2021.

— A contract for Saint Cloud Refrigeration to provide installation of a new 25-ton HVAC rooftop unit for the Nay Ah Shing High School. Contract end date is September 30, 2021.

— A contract addendum for Lisa Clemens to provide the production of Ojibwe Language Immersion curriculum with collaboration with Immersion Language staff and will align with Minnesota state standards. Contract end date is June 30, 2021. Contract was denied due to contract process correction needed.

— Provider Agreement (HHS): An amended agreement between the Band’s Health & Human Services and Dr. Brian Riddle to render family medicine services for the Band, at the Ne Ia Shing clinic, as determined by the Commissioner of Health & Human Services.

— Two foster care licenses.

On Thursday, February 25, Legislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Revisor of Statutes, Staff Attorney, Legislative Staff, Commissioner of Finance, Commissioner of Corporate Affairs, Solicitor General, Legal & Policy Counsel for Chief Executive Office, and MLCV staff. Joe Jensen presented on MLCV Structure with discussion and comments. Joe Nayquonabe Jr. presented on Past, Present, and Future of MLCV with discussion, questions, and comments on various parts of the presentation.