Legislative Weekly Update, February 1-5


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Legislative held a meeting on Monday, February 1, for the Parliamentarian and Elected Officials to discuss Band Assembly Records for September and October 2020.

On Tuesday, February 2, Legislative hosted a Pre-Band Assembly meeting to discuss the agenda items.

On Wednesday, February 3, Band Assembly occurred through conference call and Zoom.

A compromise hearing was held regarding Band Assembly Bill 19-03-22-21. Two issues were discussed, and a compromise was made on the bill.

Band Assembly approved the following:

— Resolution 19-03-46-21: A Resolution Adopting the FY2021-2024 Mille Lacs Band Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan and FY 2-21 TTP Retained Services Addendum.

— A contract for Brady, Martz & Associates, P.C. to provide the FY2020 audit of the basic financial statements of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Contract end date is June 30, 2021.

Formal requests dated January 26, 2021 from Joseph S. Nayquonabe, Commissioner of Corporate Affairs were receiving to open capital projects at Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley.

Grand Casino Mille Lacs Projects:

  1. Grand Rewards Printing Kiosks (M21-HOT-01)
  2. Plums Dining Room Remodel (M21-FPL-01)
  3. Plums Ordering Technology (tbd – reallocation from M21-1991-01)

Grand Casino Hinckley Projects:

  1. Alto-Shaam (H21-FPK-01)
  2. Golf Carts (H21-GLF-01)
  3. 72” Rough Mower (H21-GLF-02)
  4. Fairway Mower (H21-GLF-03)
  5. Tractor (H21-GLF-04)

Joint Grand Casino Mille Lacs and Grand Casino Hinckley Projects:

  1. M5 Platform (M21-SYS-04) (H21-SYS-04). Formal notification approved.

Two foster care licenses were approved.

A Joint Session of the Band Assembly also occurred through conference call and Zoom to discuss a letter dated January 20, 2021 from District II Representative Marvin Bruneau nominating Cheryl Miller and Jennifer Gahbow to serve as the TERO Commission members for the term ending December 31, 2024. A roll call vote was called for, and the nomination for Cheryl Miller passed.

On Thursday, February 4, Legislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Staff Attorneys, and Legislative Staff. Attendees read and discussed a redline version of the Rules of the Band Assembly Draft. The road map for Title 16 (Corporate) Statutory Revision plan was discussed.