Teen Pregnancy Program Completes Live It! Curriculum Implementation


The Mille Lacs Band HHS Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program has successfully completed the implementation of the Live it! curriculum at Nay Ah Shing, Minisinaakwaang Leadership Academy, and Pine Grove Leadership Academy for the 2017–18 school year.

Taught by Health Educator Mikayla Schaaf, and organized/taught by Maternal and Child Health Coordinator Sarah Andersen, Live it! offers culturally specific sexuality education for American Indian youth and their families. The curriculum was created by the Division of Indian Work using community guidance and has the unique ability to be modified to fit traditions of all tribes.

The program is designed to teach youth ages 11 and up about sexuality, using conversations and activities that help make talking with parents or other adults easier.

“We are making strides in improving both community and clinical efforts to promote sexual education, safety, positive self-image, and healthy relationships to our youth,” said Sarah.

The pre- and post-test scores have shown a significant increase in knowledge pertaining to sexual health, self-respect, and cultural teachings around mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. One student responded “Live It! taught me about self-respect.”

The program closed out the year with a grand prize drawing for those students who participated in the curriculum. “I appreciate all the support from the school staff, community, parents, HHS, and clinic staff,” said Sarah. “I look forward to seeing this program expand and develop in the future.”