Department of Community Development

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Community Development Identifies Core Services to Be Provided

Acting Commissioner of Community Development Peter Nayquonabe issued a memorandum on March 17 to identify core services that will be provided by the Department in the event of a partial or near-complete shutdown of the Tribal Government as a result of a potential COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Please note the following housing on-call numbers:

District I and IIa: 320-630-2498
District II: 320-630-2492
District III: 320-630-2497

Click here for the complete memorandum.

The Community Development department strives to provide development and improvement services that promote safety, security, and cultural sensitivity while building communities.

The Community Development Department is in charge of housing and other construction projects, roads, and infrastructure, including water and sewer.

The department is supervised by the Commissioner of Community Development, who is appointed by the Chief Executive and ratified by the Band Assembly. The Acting Commissioner of Community Development is Peter Nayquonabe, who also serves as Assistant Commissioner of Administration.


Pete Nayquonabe
Acting Commissioner


Priscilla Boyd


Project Management

The Project Management team oversees all phases of government-funded construction projects, which include civic buildings, renovations, new home construction, parks, and infrastructure.

Mike Moilanen
Director of Planning and Project Management


Ryan Jendro
Project Manager


Carla Dunkley
Project Management Compliance Officer


Project Coordinator


Public Works

The Public Works Department oversees road maintenance, water, wastewater, solid waste and facilities. Each year, all three districts participate in a spring cleaning. Solid Waste provides dumpsters in designated areas for Band members to use so they can clean their homes and yards.

Brian Scheinost
Director of Public Works


Anthony Pike
Roads Supervisor


Water/Wastewater Supervisor


Housing Department

The goal of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Housing Department is to provide affordable, attractive, safe and comfortable homes to Mille Lacs Band members. The department offers home loan programs, home improvement grants, and affordable housing programs to Band members.

For more information, see Housing.

Please note the following housing on-call numbers:

District I and IIa: 320-630-2498
District II: 320-630-2492
District III: 320-630-2497

Daniel Boyd III
Director of Housing




The Facilities division of the Community Development Department manages community centers and the District I Government Center.

Rhonda Sam
Manager of Facilities


Jeff Moose
District II Supervisor


Kevin White
District IIA Maintenance


Shannon Thomas
District III Supervisor


Solid Waste Service

Application for Solid Waste Disposal Service
Solid Waste – Request to Change Address
Request to Terminate Solid Waste Service

Note: Solid waste service is available to those living within Public Works service areas.

Community Development Policies

Community Development Applications