Band Assembly Weekly Update, April 5-9


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On Monday, April 5, Band Assembly participated in a three-branch meeting hosted by the Judicial Branch.

Band Assembly occurred through conference call and zoom on Wednesday, April 7.

After approval of the agenda and the minutes from the March 31 meeting, Commissioner of Corporate Affairs Joe Nayquonabe presented on Hotel Project Refresh.

A formal public hearing was held on proposed Title 3 revisions and Rules of the Band Assembly. The bill was discussed and a summary presented by Legal Counsel of the minor revisions and the major change from Roberts Rules of Order to the new Rules of Band Assembly.

The following were approved:

— Band Assembly Bill 19-03-33-21: A Bill of Supplemental Appropriation and Budget Revisions for Education, Natural Resources, Health & Human Services, Administration and Community Development for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2021.Sponsor: District III Representative.

— A contract for Citon Computer Corporation to continue to provide work on the HHS network to ensure a functional VDI environment and to stabilize the current environment. Contract end date is July 30, 2021.

— A contract for Great River Eye Clinic to provide Optometric & Optician Services three days a week at Ne Ia Shing Clinic. Contract end date is September 30, 2021.

— A contract addendum for KAGR, increase the contract amount for crisis management due to the impact of COVID-19. Contract end date remains at September 30, 2021. Contract was approved.

— An amendment to the Public Law 102-477 Plan to add Welfare Assistance, to add assistance to clients living in Kanabec and Chisago Counties, and to include a waiver for family co-payments for families receiving child care assistance with 477 program dollars.

— An agreement with Integrated Systems Corporation.

No action was taken on contracts for Amanda Nickaboine-Meyer, Anton Treuer, Michael Sullivan, Chato Gonzales, and Keller Paap to serve on the Aanjibimaadizing Ojibwemowin Strategic Committee and provide other language revitalization services, which were tabled on March 10.

A contract for Mike Brenny Construction, Inc. for the demolition and new construction of two HUD homes in Hinckley was tabled.

An agreement with Northern Trust Company was discussed in Executive Session. The agreement was tabled.

A Joint Session of the Band Assembly Meeting occurred through conference call and zoom to approve and deny enrollment applications.

On Thursday, April 8, Legislative held a work session for the Band Assembly members, Legal Counsel, Revisor of Statutes, Staff Attorney, Legislative Staff, and Commissioner of Finance. On the agenda was a workshop on Title 3 and Band Assembly Rules.