Actors Needed for Ojibwe Language-Learning Videos


Open to Ojibwe language speakers and learners of all ages

Rosetta Stone will be filming a long-term Ojibwe language-learning project beginning in early 2020 and lasting four
to six years. We’re seeking actors of all ages.

We’re looking for both experienced actors and non-actors alike. Main actors need to be able to speak Ojibwe,
memorize lines, take direction well, and commit themselves to the multi-year project.

Main actors will need to be available for up to three weeks of filming per year. Supporting cast will need to be
available 1-5 days per year. Production for the actors selected will include script rehearsal, memorization, and
travel to multiple filming locations as far as 1-3 hours away.


AMIK / MALE / 12-14 YEARS OLD / A typical middle-school student, younger brother to Ogimaakwe.
OGIMAAKWE / FEMALE / 13-15 YEARS OLD / A typical young teenage high-school student, older sister to Amik,
confident and gregarious.

WAASEGIIZHIGOOKE / FEMALE / 30s / Mother to Amik and Ogimaakwe, she’s professional but nurturing.
GIMIWAN / MALE / 30s / Husband to Waasegiizhigooke, Father of Amik and Ogimaakwe, responsible and gentle,
preparing for the day he himself will be a tribal leader/elder.

WAABOOZ / FEMALE / 70s / Maternal grandmother, quiet but industrious; lives with the family.

WAABISHKIBINES / MALE / 70s / Paternal grandfather, wise and authoritative.


EXTRAS / MALE or FEMALE / ALL AGES / Play an assortment of supporting roles.

NAZHIKE-AWAASANG / MALE or FEMALE / 25-55s / Teacher for the adult language class.

CHI-NOODIN / MALE or FEMALE / 25-55s / Teacher for the high school.

ANANGOOKWE / FEMALE / 13-15 / High-school friend of Ogimaakwe.


Open Auditions for Rosetta Stone Ojibwe Video Project

Eddy’s Lake Mille Lacs Resort
41334 Shakopee Lake Road
Onamia, MN 56359
4:00-7:00 P.M.


Please bring a printed or digital copy of the audition script and have it memorized. If you are under the age of 18, a
guardian must be present to cosign documents. Auditions will be recorded.

For a copy of the audition script and any questions or concerns, please email Chato at or click here.