District I Rep Shares Band Assembly Update


District I Rep. Sandi Blake summarized recent Band Assembly meetings at the District I community meeting on April 10 at the community center.

She said Band Assembly had received updates from financial advisor Peter Eckerline, Band Member Legal Aid, AanjiBimaadizing, and law firm Lockridge Grindal Nauen, which provides lobbying services to the tribe.

She also talked about the Band Assembly's interview of candidates for Commissioner of Education. She said all candidates performed well, but the Assembly eventually decided to ratify the Chief Executive's nomination of Joycelyn Shingobe (see story on this page).

Band Assembly approved the reappointment of Joanne Whiterabbit to the Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures Board. Band Assembly is also considering nominations for Commissioner of Administration.

Sandi said she is hoping Commissioner of Finance Adam Valdez will be renominated. "I don't think we could find a better commissioner to replace him," said Sandi.

Also on the agenda were Carol Hernandez (see District II Learns About Medical Research), Jim Ingle, and Judge David Christensen, who talked about proposed changes to Band statutes.