Housing Improvement Grants Available


Band members are encouraged to apply for federal HIP program

The Band's Housing Program is encouraging Band members to apply for a federal program that provides assistance for repairs and renovations of existing homes, and construction of new and replacement homes. For information see below, go to https://www.bia.gov/bia/ois/dhs/housing-improvement-program, or call Housing at 320-532-7448.

You can also download the application and instructions here:


What is the Housing Improvement Program (HIP)?

HIP provides grants for:
— Repair of existing homes;
— Renovation of existing homes to standard housing condition;
— Construction of replacement homes; and
— New housing.

What are the benefits of HIP to MLBO?

— Allows leveraging of housing funds to increase the number of families served and projects funded.
— Promotes tribal sovereignty and self-determination by providing tribes with more flexibility in determining how to address waiting lists for housing assistance.

Who is eligible for HIP grant assistance?

— Recipients are individuals and families with extremely low incomes.

What are the requirements to qualify for the grant?

— Fill out the Application
— Submit your 1040 tax return from the prior tax year

How is the HIP Application ranked?

Ranking factors consist of the total numeric value (points) based off the Application. Factors include:
— Annual Household income (currently 125%, 150% of the poverty level proposed)
— Veterans (5 points) Proposed
— Homelessness/overcrowding (5 points) Proposed
— Dilapidated housing (5 points) Proposed
— Age (One point for every year above 54 years of age, up to 15 points)
— Disability (Ten points for each disabled household member, 20 point max.)
— Dependent Children (Three points for each dependent, 15 point max. proposed under new regulations)

Where is the HIP application available to fill out?

— Mille Lacs Band Housing Department has applications (BIA Form 6407). Stop in or call 320-532-7448 to have one faxed or emailed to you.
— You can also search online for BIA Form 6407 or go to https://www.bia.gov/sites/bia.gov/files/assets/as-ia/raca/pdf/idc1-032205.pdf.

What contingencies are part of HIP?

— Five year retention agreement
— Proof of land ownership (or land lease) and/or current dilapidated structure must be provided prior to grant award
— Square footage minimum requirements
— Filed, signed 1040 tax returns must be submitted for the prior year(s) to prove low income for all members of the household
— Proof of tribal membership must be submitted